Each Film coated Formula A contains: MyoInositol-1100 mg, D-Chiro-Inosito-27.6 mg
Each Film coated Formula B contains: L-Methyl
Folate-1000 mg, L-Arginine-10 mg, Vitamin D3
I.P 2000 I.U, Zinc Gluconate (Equivalent to
Elemental Zinc)-15 mg, Sodium Selenate
(Equivalent to Elemental Selenium)-100 mcg,
Chromium Trichloride Hexahydrate(Equivalent
to Elemental Chromium)- 50 mcg, Ferrous
Gluconate (Equivalent to Elemental Iron)-14 mg
Magnesium Oxide (Equivalent to Elemental
Magnesium)- 80 mg, Vitamin B6 -15 mg,
Manganese Sulphate (Equivalent to Elemental
Manganese)-2.5 mg Folic acid-1 mg, Copper
Sulphate(Equivalent to Elemental Copper)-750
mcg, Vitamin B12-750 mcg, Beta-carotene-3 mg,
Nicotinamide-60 mg, Para Amino Benzoic Acid –
12.5 mg

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